My Inner Sun

Are you ready to learn empowering practices to make you feel more aligned with your Inner Wisdom? Reconnect to your true self through the practices of Self-Reflection, Meditation, Energy Healing and let your unconditional love, pleasure, passion and wisdom flow through every cell of your being.

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One of many blessings...

I've just had one of the most remarkable experiences during a Reconnective Healing Session with a client that did not share her reasons for coming to see me, I even joked "don't worry, the energy knows and will show me what you need".I started working on her and felt a lot of stuck energy coming from her right breast, chest and arm, it was very warm and I almost worked in that area for the whole session. It was like the energy kept on "calling" me to work longer there.She woke up and reported a fantastic feeling of relaxation, tingling in her hands and then I asked what happened on her right side of her upper body. She then told me she has breast cancer on the outer part of her right breast.I just could not hold my tears in deep gratitude for this beautiful work of being a gateway to pure Universal Intelligence and other people. Gratitude for knowing and trusting these higher frequencies in reminding people of their true essence, so they can return to a state of balance in their physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Thank you, Universe, Patricia Yiu

Give yourself the gift of reconnecting to Higher Frequencies and trust this incredible Universal Intelligence to give you what you need, book your Reconnective Healing Session today!

"Patricia, it was great coming to your workshop! I felt like I was floating in the air when I left, thank you so much for your teachings, now I know how to get in touch with my inner wisdom."

D.C., Mi

About Me

Patricia Yiu


Hi, I'm Patricia Yiu. I've always been a seeker of my inner truth and in this journey, I became a Yoga Teacher and a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. 

I believe that inside of us lies a dormant Goddess that is waiting to awaken but, needs someone to hold the space for her and lead the way and that's what I made my life mission: to remind myself and others of this incredible life force inside of us.

Through yoga, meditation, self-reflection, energy healing practices, I hold a candle light for other women that need to be reminded of who they are and together, we open up to our inner wisdom, intuition, self-love and acceptance and allow our heart to shine through our whole being.

Join me in this incredible journey of self-discovery, remembrance and fall back in love with yourself again!

The Goddess within me honors the Goddess within you,

Patricia Yiu.

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320 Miller Ave, suite 185, Ann Arbor, 48103